The Perils of Bad Eyesight

So I have worn glasses since I was 7 years old. I always hated wearing them because they singled me out as nobody else I knew wore glasses at that age and I thought they made me really ugly. So when I was 14 I bullied my poor mum into taking me to the opticians to see if I could get contact lenses. I still remember the optician looking at me in a very wary way at first. I was definitely very young to start wearing contact lenses as your eyes change so dramatically, even up to the age of 25. But I was desperate and luckily I didn’t have any problems with my eyes…other than not being able to see properly! So that very day I was given some to try and they were a godsend! I suddenly felt pretty and cool and didn’t have to hide the fact that I wore glasses. AMAZING!! For about 5 years onwards I wore my contact lenses continually, definitely more than you should! I sometimes even fell asleep wearing them. BE WARNED YOUR EYES WILL FEEL LIKE THE SAHARA DESERT IF YOU DO THIS!!!!

It wasn’t probably until I got to uni that I began to start wearing my glasses more because loads of my friends wore glasses too. I don’t know if suddenly the technology era made everyone’s eyes get worse but I certainly noticed a dramatic increase in my number of glasses wearing friends! Anyway I now try to embrace my glasses and even wear them every day to work now and save my lenses for the weekend! This is partly because I’ve noticed that my eyes get drier and more tired quicker nowadays but also because I bought myself a banging pair of specs, very similar to what Jess wears in New Girl and she is my idol so it kind of makes sense!

Anyway, what this post was actually meant to be was a list of the day-to-day problems that people with bad eyesight experience. I hope all you fellow short sighted people can relate!

  • When somebody comes into your room in the morning to show you something and you have absolutely no idea what it is…cue nodding enthusiastically
  • Having a dilemma every single day over the ever changeable weather in England. Do I wear my contacts or glasses or prescription sunglasses or normal sunglasses?
  • People always saying ‘wow you look so different without your glasses.’ This doesn’t fill me with confidence!
  • Losing your glasses when you don’t have your contact lenses in and spending half an hour groping around the house squinting
  • Trying to get down and dirty when you’re both wearing glasses…very awkward and bumpy!
  • Having one of your contact lenses fold over when you’re in an important meeting and suddenly being both blind and in pain
  • Not being able to see when you get out of the changing rooms and into the swimming pool or risking keeping your contact lenses in and going blind
  • Trying to retrieve something from the oven and your glasses steaming up
  • Going on a night out and crashing on a mate’s sofa, only to realise you forgot to bring your contact lens case with you…do you risk keeping them in or risk crossing the road blind the next day and possibly being hit by a car?
  • Deciding to go to the gym and forgetting your contact lenses. Cue glasses slipping down your face as you sweat it out on the treadmill.
  • Putting make up on…need I say more?!